How To Get Free Google Ads Coupon: Google Ads Promo Code 2024

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A google ads promo code is easily one of the best cost-effective advertising strategies that you can use to reach out to your target audience when advertising with google ads, and the best part is that anyone can apply for a google ads coupon, even small business owners.


If you are a business owner with a google ads account, and you have never used a google ads voucher before, not to worry. In this blog post, I will show you how to apply for google ads free credit, but first, we need to understand what a google ads promo code actually means.

What Is A Google Ads Promo Code?

Google ads promo code, also known as google ads voucher is an auto-generated code that provides advertisers with free credit to use for advertising when applied on their google ads account.

One thing about these promo codes is that they are specifically applied to an account, and not for a particular campaign which Implies that a google ads voucher can be used for different campaigns on the account that the ads coupon was applied to.

Is Google Ad Credit Truly Free?

Google primarily uses its ads coupons to attract new advertisers to try out google ads, and with the google ads free credit given to them, they can have a feel of what google paid advertising feels like and decide if it’s right for their business before making a decision to increase their budget or move on.

Furthermore, the ads coupon can only be activated when the advertiser has spent a specific amount of their advertising budget to ensure that freebie seekers don take undue advantage of the google ads voucher and only dedicated advertisers with a genuine interest in paid search advertising with google ads benefit from it.

How To Get Google Ads Coupon / Google Ads Credit

Google ads coupon or google ads vouchers are usually given out as promotional codes or during special offers to advertisers by Google. As a rule of thumb, advertisers are not permitted to request for ads coupons by themselves, except if the advertiser is from a tier 1 country like the UK or US, then they can request for a google ads promo code.

The reason for this exception is probably because these tier 1 countries have more advertisers, and once you’ve requested for and successfully received an ads coupon from one google email, you won’t be able to request from that same email again.

How To Receive Google Ads Voucher

Advertisers can receive their google ads voucher via email or postal mail or even from Google’s accredited partners like Clever Ads. With Clever Ads, advertisers can receive up to 2000 in Google Ads credit, and they have a guide on how to activate your free google ads 2000 credit.

How Do Google Ads Coupon Codes Work?

Google ads coupon codes work in a way that the advertiser(s) must have met specific conditions before the promo codes can be applied to their ad account. For example, if Google issues you an ads coupon that says “spend $70 and receive $140”, it implies that the advertiser needs to spend at least $70 on google ads before they can apply the ads voucher to receive the ads credit, and it usually comes with a specific timeframe.

Once the advertiser(s) have grossed the $70 required ad spend, the $200 google ads free credit will appear in their account in a matter of days.

How To Apply Your Google Ads Promo Code & Check Your Google Ads Free Credit

Advertisers can apply their google ads promotional code on their ad account once it has been sent to them, and they can do this by following these simple steps listed below:

  • Select “Tools and Settings” from Google Ad’s top navigation bar, on the right
  • Select “Billing & Payments” under the Billing section.
  • Select “Promotions”.
  • Enter your promo code in the asterisked field where it displays “XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX.” Ensure to enter the promo code as it’s displayed, including all capitals and dashes to prevent errors.


After you’ve done the last step, you will be able to view the progress bar for your current codes on your “Active Promotions” card once you have applied it.

You can also find every expired or exhausted promos on the "completed promotions” card after you exhaust the promo code.

CONCLUSION On Google Ads Free Credit

To sum it up, google ads coupons can only be applied once, and a google ads promo code cannot be used by more than one advertiser, nor can it be applied to multiple ad accounts owned by a particular advertiser, it’s strictly one ads coupon per ad account.

In addition, Google usually offers these promo codes to new advertisers with fresh advertising accounts to entice them into advertising with google, and help them grow to expand their reach.

So, if you’re a new google advertiser or you would like to try out google advertising with a google ads coupon, and you are looking for how to get Google ad credit? you can GET STARTED RIGHT HERE. If you prefer watching a detailed video on how to do it, then check out this YOUTUBE VIDEO TUTORIAL.

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