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FreeToolsHub is a 100% free premium SEO and Digital tools platform set up to help people with limited budgets perform difficult tasks with ease and make the internet a much better place for all.


The ideology behind FreeToolsHub formation was conceived in 2018, but we finally kicked off in the summer of 2019. Our team observed that access to premium quality SEO and Digital Marketing tools was the sole prerogative of a privileged few, and the vast majority of people who worked online could not afford to pay for these tools. As a result of this, a lot of marketers were not getting their desired results out of their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.

We saw this as a huge issue and decided to set up an enabling platform that would provide premium quality and easily accessible SEO and Digital tools for all and sundry to use without paying a dime.

Today, FreeToolsHub is the only 100% free tools platform on the internet where users can use any of our over 100 premium SEO and Digital tools for free without having to sign up or pay expensive monthly fees.


At FreeToolsHub, our ideologies are very different from what is out there. We believe that there is always a simpler way to do marketing. We strongly believe that just as the best things in life are free, the best SEO tools should be free for people to use at all times, especially those on a tight budget.

We're extremely passionate about it, it is our primary goal and driving force and that is why we give out our tools and content 100% free of charge. Our objective is to provide excellent SEO/Digital tools that can compete favorably with the paid ones out there, or even outperform them.

Our major focus is on search engine optimization and content because these are the major parts of Internet marketing. Once you get your content and SEO right, traffic will follow and ultimately your sales. To start with, SEO on its own is pretty complex and quite difficult to understand or implement, and at FreeToolsHub we see that as a unique opportunity to assist people. Our SEO tools are simplified and anyone can use them, free of charge. 


Since our founding, FreeToolsHub has grown in leaps and bounds, Check out some of impressive statistics, surely numbers don't lie;

Number Of Tools

We started with just a handful of SEO tools, and now we've grown to over 100 remarkable SEO and content tools in 12 categories, and the number is still growing because we have plans to create and add more tools to our collection. We are not just about the numbers, user satisfaction is our priority.

Our Reach

At present, FreeToolsHub tools are being used by millions of people from 120+ countries around the world. No matter what part of the world that you are in, all you need is a stable internet connection and an internet-enabled device to access FreeToolsHub

Number of Users

The numbers keep rising. Since our inception, our user strength has also grown in leaps and bounds. Our tools have been used by millions of people from different parts of the world.


Over user base is diverse and rich. FreeToolsHub has grown to become the ideal platform for different groups of online marketers such as

  • Website administrators
  • Website owners
  • SEO professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Webmasters
  • Freelance writers
  • Proofreaders
  • Content editors
  • Video editors
  • Marketing managers
  • Online ad agencies
  • Infographic creators
  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Online photographers
  • Web developers
  • Online photographers
  • Research experts
  • Freelancers
  • Teachers
  • Students


Do you have questions or ideas that you'd love to share with us? Or do you need help or support with using any of our tools? 

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