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Write For Us Guest Post

FreeToolsHub is a 100% free SEO & Digital Marketing tools platform that provides users from all parts of the world with unlimited access to over 150+ premium tools for free. We also have a blog where we share helpful insights and information related to Finance, Blogging, Crypto, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Reviews, SEO, Pet Care, How To Tutorials, and many more.

So, we are always open to guest post submissions from contributors who wish to serve us in the available field by sharing their valuable knowledge, experience, and advice with the FreeToolsHub team.

Thus, if you would like to contribute to FreeToolsHub Blog, you can go through the guidelines mentioned below;

Write For Us Guest Post

FreeToolsHub Blog Post Guidelines and Criteria:

All Blog Posts written for FreeToolsHub are requisite to meet the terms with the following guidelines and criteria:

  • Blog Posts should be in an easy-to-understandable language.
  • Blog Posts should be approx. 1,000 words. And must comply with the readability. Though, lengthy blog posts will also be considered providing us with adequate and well-researched data.
  • The Blog Posts for all niche is accepted, apart from the illegal and adult content that hampers the image of the website. For example  Finance, Blogging, Crypto, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, Product Reviews, SEO, Pet Care, How To Tutorials, and many more.
  • The Blog Posts provided should be original content. And should not be published elsewhere.
  • You should provide Blog Posts with at least 2 or 3 of your keyword(s).
  • The FreeToolsHub team will edit all submissions made in case of selection, before publishing.
  • The FreeToolsdHub team will select a photo for your Blog Post. No photos submission is entertained by us.
  • Plagiarism or copyright breach is not permitted by our FreeToolsHub team. You can use our Free Plagiarism Checker Tool to crosscheck your article before submitting it.
  • You can further promote your Blog Post on your own website, Twitter, Facebook, or other available social media platforms.
  • No compensation is provided to the writer for writing blog posts.
  • All the SEO keywords will be reviewed and will be added to the blog post, leading to the editing of the article.
  • The FreeToolsHub team reserves the right to remove the Blog Post, without informing or being answerable to you.

Accepted Niches For Guest Post Submission

We Accept Guest Post Submission In All Legal Niches Such As:

  • “Finance”
  • “Business”
  • “Insurance”
  • “News”
  • “Digital Marketing”
  • “Law”
  • “Technology”
  • “Gaming”
  • “Home Improvement”
  • “General”
  • “Health”
  • “Medicines”
  • “SEO”
  • “Gadgets”
  • “Amazon Affiliate”
  • “Product Reviews”
  • “Company Reviews”
  • “Tourism Guide”
  • “Entertainment”
  • “Fitness’
  • “Recipies”
  • “Food”
  • “Crypto”
  • “Search Engine Marketing”
  • “How To Tutorials”
  • “Buying Guides”

Guest Post Submission Process

Our guest post submission process is pretty simple, to get started kindly get in touch with us via our Contact Page and use the guest post submission format pasted below;

Subject: Writing for SITE



I’d love to be your next guest author. Here are some topics that I think would do really well with [SITE] readers:

Topic #1
Topic #2
Topic #3
Do any of these ideas look good? Let me know your thoughts so I can proceed.

[Add your SITE URL HERE]

Best Regards,


We can either suggest a topic for you or select from any of the three topic ideas provided by you. By accepting to write for us you also agree that you are not becoming part of the FreeToolsHub team nor shall you hold up yourself to be a member of the FreeToolsHub team. And you are also bound by the terms and conditions stated here.





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