Skilled Worker Visa UK 2024: How To Get Into UK As A Skilled Worker

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Do you know you can enter the UK by applying for a Skilled Workers Visa UK? In this detailed post, we will teach you everything you need to know about the Skilled Worker Visa for the United Kingdom. We will also show you how to apply for and secure a job in the United Kingdom, which will enable you to apply for a work visa. This is a two-in-one guide that will teach you all you need to know to work as a skilled worker in the United Kingdom.

If this is what you're looking for, let's get started on this topic right away.

Brief Overview of the UK Skilled Worker Visa

You must first determine who qualifies as a skilled worker under UK standards. A skilled person is one who understands the intricacies of his career or trade. A skilled worker is any employee that possesses a unique talent, training, or expertise that is directly applicable to their job. Furthermore, you do not need to attend college or university to qualify as a skilled worker. When you perfect your craft, you are termed a skilled worker. In essence, a skilled worker without a degree is someone who has learned his or her talents on the job and is proficient.

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Remember that the Covid 19 Pandemic had a significant impact on the working population of most developed countries, including the United Kingdom. Following the Covid, they opened their borders to Work Visa applications in order to increase their workforce and enhance their economy. So, if you are skilled, the UK will enable you to live and work there as a Skilled Worker. The job must, however, be an eligible job, and the prospective employer must be an approved employer.

Previously, the UK issued what was known as the Tier 2 (General) work visa. However, the Tier 2 (General) work visa has been superseded by the Skilled worker visa.

Who is Eligible for the UK Skilled Worker Visa?

To begin, everyone is eligible to apply for this Visa as long as they have a job offer. There are two basic criteria for obtaining a skilled worker visa in the United Kingdom. We will list these two factors and then explain them to you in detail. Finally, you will notice that meeting the eligibility condition is not difficult.

The two conditions are as follows:

  1. Available Job offer
  2. Knowledge and good use of English

However, keep in mind that this is the most important criterion. Other requirements fall under the above-mentioned two. But don't worry, we'll go over the other sub-requirements as well as the relevant paperwork required.

1. Job Offer

You must have a job offer from an approved business in the UK to be eligible for the Skilled Worker visa. This implies you should start looking for jobs in the United Kingdom and applying for them right away. I'm sure you're wondering how you may acquire a job offer from a UK firm that will qualify you. You don't have to worry; we'll show you how to acquire a job in the UK by using the UK's official Find a Job portal.

In addition, if you have a job, you must guarantee that you obtain the following from your employer.

  • A ‘certificate of sponsorship. The certificate must include details of what specific job you are coming to do in their organization.
  • That the Job you intend to do is considered in the UK list of eligible jobs. You may also wish to research this on your own before applying.
  • Also, your employer must agree to pay you a minimum salary according to the UK standard. Note however that the minimum payment depends on the kind of work you do.

Finally, there are other special eligibility requirements, but it all depends on the job you're looking for in the UK. It's also a good idea to double-check that the employer is listed and allowed by the UK Home Office to hire a foreigner. This is due to the fact that if they have not approved employers, your application will be denied.

Another critical factor is to ensure that the work you are given is on the list of eligible occupations. So, if you already have a job offer, ask your company for your occupation code and use this eligible-occupations checker to determine if your job is eligible.

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2. Expertise and good use of English

To apply, you must be fluent in English and be able to read, write, and speak it fluently. This is because the United Kingdom is an English-speaking country, and it is unlikely that you will communicate in languages other than English. You must not only understand but also demonstrate your ability to read and speak English.

The methods for demonstrating your ability to read, write, and speak English are listed below;

  1. Write and pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT) to be provided by your approved provider.
  2. Have a degree-level academic qualification that was taught in English. However, your degree must be verified through Ecctis (formerly UK NARIC). This is to confirm that your degree is equivalent to a UK degree.
  3. Note also that if you have proven your English language efficiency in a previous successful visa application, you don’t need to prove it again in a new application.

How Do I Apply for the UK Skilled Worker Visa?

Application for the UK  skilled worker visa is done online. Furthermore, the application process is dependent on your current location and status. If you are from outside the UK and intend to visit, please begin by clicking on the APPLY NOW BUTTON.


However, we urge that you research the paperwork you will require before applying. The following are the required Application Documents: It is critical to ensure that you are prepared before applying.

Documents needed to apply for UK Skilled Workers Visa

  1. Certificate of sponsorship with its reference number. This will be provided by your employer so you don’t need to worry. Just ask!
  2. Proof of English proficiency as discussed earlier
  3. A valid passport or other relevant documents that proves your identity and nationality.
  4. Your job occupation code, title, and salary. This information will also be provided by your employer.
  5. Your employer’s name and sponsor license number. This is usually written on your sponsorship certificate.
  6. Proof of personal savings accounts statement. This is necessary to prove that you have reasonable savings to support yourself in the UK.
  7. Lastly, there is a list of other recommended documents depending on the job requirements. To view a complete list of other documents.

How much does the Visa Processing Cost?

When applying for a skilled worker visa, you must have enough money to cover the application fee. Depending on your circumstances, the typical charge ranges from 610 to 1408 Pound sterling. If your work is on the shortage occupation list, you might pay a lesser application price. When you apply online, you will be informed of the amount you must pay.

In addition, you must pay the healthcare surcharge. This means you must pay this amount in order to receive medical services from the NHS, the UK's medical body. The average annual expenditure is 624 pounds. Surcharges are waived for a few groups, including doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

How much money do you need in your bank account?

To apply, you must show that you will be able to support yourself once you arrive in the UK. So, unless you are excluded from establishing your ability to sustain yourself, you need to have at least 1270 pounds in your bank account. This money must be available for at least 28 days in a row. If you apply for a dependent visa for your partner and child, you will need to pay an additional $285 for your partner and $315 for your child.

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How to Get a Job in the UK & be eligible for Skilled Worker Visa

It is very obvious that in order to obtain a skilled worker visa in the UK, you must have a job offer from an approved employer in the UK. This presents numerous issues because most people would never know how to apply for and obtain jobs in the UK in order to qualify for the Skilled Work Visa.

However, in this section of the essay, we will teach you How to Look for Jobs in the UK in Your Host Country and Get a Job in the UK. Continue reading to find out more about this technique.

Approved Step to Search for Job in the UK & Get Skilled Worker Visa 

As previously stated, the Covid 19 epidemic had a significant impact on the working population of the United Kingdom. This, among other reasons, is why the United Kingdom opened its borders to qualified immigrants to supplement its workforce. To ensure that their goals are met, they established a centralized platform where immigrants can look for full-time or part-time work in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Join us as we begin to teach you how to explore career opportunities in your host country and find work in the UK.

The UK government established a Find a Job portal to assist anyone looking for a job in England, Scotland, or Wales. The portal also assists recruiters in the United Kingdom in advertising jobs and connecting with potential employees. Please follow the instructions below to learn the method.

Step One – Connecting to the UK Find a Job Portal

  1. Visit the official Find A Job portal of the Gov.UK by clicking Official UK Find A Job Board
  2. Scroll down and use the search filter to find your preferred job 
  3. You will be immediately redirected to another page where jobs that match your selections will be displayed.

Step Two – How to Search for a Job in the Portal.

In the Find a Job portal, you can search for jobs without creating an account with the portal. However, before you apply for the job, you must have an account and be signed in. So we recommend that you create your account immediately if you are serious about your application. That being said, let’s proceed with all you need to know about searching for a job in the portal.

  1. On the redirected page, you will see two white boxes on a blue background with the following tags What? for example job, company, skills & Where?  for example city, county, or postcode.
  2. In the first box as shown in the image above, kindly enter the kind of job you are looking to do in the UK. Then go to the second box and enter the city or country or the postcode of the region you want to work in the United Kingdom.
  3. Thereafter click on the Search Button to begin searching for the Job offer.
  4. The portal is designed to match your entries with all job listings related to your entries. So, as soon as you hit the Search button as shown in the image above, you will be presented with lots of job offers peculiar to your entries.

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