Live CC Checker Tool For Credit Card Validation

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Do you need a live cc checker for credit card validation or would you like to check if credit card is live or dead? If you have answered yes to any of the questions, then you are at the right place.


In this post, we will check out the best cc live checker tool and also show you how to use it, but before we proceed we need to understand what a cc checker tool is and how it works.

What Is A Live CC Checker Tool

A live cc checker tool is simply a tool used to check if credit card is live or dead. It helps cardholders and merchants to verify or validate if their cards are still working or not. The process of checking if a credit card is valid or not is known as credit card validation

What Exactly Is Credit Card Validation?

The credit card number, also known as the PAN (Primary Account Number), is the long number that appears on the front of your credit card. The number contains vital information that has been strategically organized and is internationally standardized. The cardholder's name, security code, account number, issuing bank name, and expiration date are all included.

The process of validating the authenticity of a credit card is known as credit card validation. As monetary affairs become even more sensitive, this process becomes more important. Credit card numbers are generated according to specific protocols and rules. It allows a merchant to validate a customer's credit card number before accepting payment.

To validate a credit card, several finance companies have developed a variety of algorithms. The practical application of these algorithms will help to determine whether or not the credit card is genuine. The online credit card validator allows you to validate your credit card at any time, from any location with internet access, in a matter of seconds.

What Is My Credit Card Number?

A credit card number is typically a 15- or 16-digit number located on the front or back of your credit card. It identifies a number of things, including the cardholder, the bank that issued the card, and the payment network.

How Can I Check If My CC Is Valid?

The simplest way to determine whether your credit card is still active is to contact the issuer. Inquire about the status of your account by calling the number on the back of your card.

Another easy way to validate a credit card is to use a credit card checker live or dead tool.

How Does A CC Live Checker Assist In Validating A Credit Card Number?

You can validate a credit card online in real-time with the help of the credit card validator. Freetoolshub CC Live Checker tool can provide you with the following information.

  1. Major industry identifier (MII): Your credit card's first primary number is MII (Major Industry Identifier or Main Sector Identifier). That defines the industry in which the card is mainly used. The various MII numbers represent the following categories.

    • 0: ISO / TC 68 and other industry duties

    • 1: Airlines

    • 2: Airlines, finance, and other future industry duties

    • 3: Travel and leisure

    • 4: Banking and finance

    • 5: Finance and banking

    • 6: Sales and banking/finance

    • 7: Petroleum and other future industry tasks

    • 8: Healthcare, telecommunications, and other future industry tasks

    • 9: For the appointment of national standards bodies

  2. BIN/IIN (Bank/Issuer Identification Number) check: The first six digits of the credit card number determine the institution that issued the credit card to the cardholder. The online tool allows you to extract information like your Bank Name, Bank Address etc.

  3. Personal account number check: The online tool provides you an opportunity to verify your account number by entering your credit card number. You may have an idea that from digit seven to the final number minus the last one is your account number.

  4. Luhn Algorithm Check: The online tool uses the Luhn algorithm to validate the credit card number, also known as the MOD 10 algorithm. It's a formula that scientist Hans Peter Luhn develops from IBM.
    To teach how that algorithm manually works, let's do an example.
    Suppose we have a credit card number 347609692802916, and we want to check if it's a valid credit card number or not.

    • Take the last digit 6. That is our check digit.

    • Take the rest of the sequence 34760969210291.

    • Double every other digit starting from the right 3,8,7,12,0,18,8,18,2,2,0,4,9,2.

    • Sum the digits of the products 12 = 1 + 2 = 3, same with 18 that gives you 9.

    • Add all the digits together 3+8+7+3+0+9+6+9+2+2+0+4+9+2 = 64.

    • Multiply the result by 9, 64 * 9 = 576.

    • Take the last digit of the result 6. If this matches the check digit, then we have a valid sequence.

    • Since our check digit 6 matches our result 6, we conclude that this sequence is a valid credit card number.

  5. Credit card prefix numbers check: Each credit card issuer has a varying credit card number length, usually 13, 14, 15, or 16 digits, and some even have 19 digits. The following list will help you in understanding the length of various cards.

    • AMEX: start with 34 or 37 and has 15 numbers.

    • Diners: start with 300, 301, 302, 303, 36, or 38 and has 15 numbers.

    • Discover: start with 6011 and has 16 numbers.

    • Enroute: start with 2014 or 2149 and has 16 numbers.

    • JCB 15: start with 2100 or 1800 and has 16 numbers.

    • JCB 16: start with 3088, 3096, 3112, 3158, 3337 or 3528 and has 16 numbers.

    • MasterCard: start with 51, 52, 53, 54, or 55 and has 16 numbers.

    • Visa: start with 4539, 4556, 4916, 4532, 4929, 40240071, 4485, 4716 or 4 and has 13 or 16 numbers.

    • Voyager: start with 8699 and has 13 or 16 numbers.

How Do I Verify A Credit Card Number Using A Credit Card Validator?

Freetoolshub’s online cc live checker does not require a premium version or registration. As long as you have internet access, you can use our online tool for free from any location. Our live cc checker can be used without needing to download any software. Furthermore, this online tool is cross-platform compatible, so you can use it with ease on any Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and other devices.

live cc checker

To use our cc live checker, kindly follow these steps below; 

The tool verifies the validity of the credit card.

You can also check out some of our other online productivity tools below;

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