How To Get Paid To Read Emails In Your Spare Time

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Want to get paid to read emails? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Take it or leave it, there are several online platforms and sites where you can get paid to read emails, and in this article, we’ll show you all the legit sites where you can sign up and get paid to read emails in your spare time.


How many emails do you read on a daily basis? For some maybe a dozen emails or more, while for others somewhere between a hundred or less.

Did you know there are several platforms/websites that will pay you to read emails?

If you're the type of person who spends a lot of time in your inbox, these sites can be an excellent way to make some additional cash in your spare time.

If you know a thing or two about rewards sites (also known as “get paid to” or GPT sites), then you’ve probably answered surveys, watched videos, played games, or uploaded a grocery receipt to earn some extra cash or gift cards as a reward.

Some of those same sites now offer users a new way to make money: you can get paid to read emails when you've run out of surveys, can't stand another movie trailer, and have no receipts because you're completing a no-spend challenge.

Do Companies Pay You For Reading Emails?

Many of us have heard of "get paid to" websites, where users can earn money by performing simple tasks such as conducting surveys or uploading receipts.

And we understand why these jobs are valuable: businesses employ them for market research, promotion, and recommendations.

However, only a few people have heard of services that pay you to read emails, and it's not very clear why any firm would pay someone to do such a basic task.

The answer is simple, it’s forADVERTISING”.

The click-through rate for emails received in North America is a dismal 3.1 percent, according to Lifewire. Advertisers want to give potential customers a reason to open their emails, and money is a good motivator.

The paid emails feature advertisements for a variety of items and services. Sometimes simply opening and reading the email is sufficient, while other times you're asked to complete a short survey (to verify that you actually read it) or perform some other basic task/easy action.

In most cases, there's also a reward for doing something more desirable, like signing up for trial offers or purchasing the offered product/service.

How Much Can You Earn From Reading Emails?

"Get paid to" sites are not a major source of income, but they might be a legitimate way to make a little additional cash or free gift cards in your spare timeThe amount you earn is usually proportional to the amount of effort required to complete the assignmentsThe remuneration for reading emails varies depending on the site. In general, you'll make one to five cents for every email.

In addition, since most sites require users to fulfill a minimum threshold before cashing out (usually around $25), you'll nearly always be required to participate in some of the sites' additional money-making activities, such as doing surveys, recommending friends, using a shopping portal, and/or watching movies.

Get Paid To Read Emails: Legit Paid Email Sites

You may find dozens of sites that claim to pay you to read emails if you Google "get paid to read emails. Unfortunately, many of those sites have unrealistic minimum withdrawal amounts or are simply phishing for your personal information or attempting to install malware on your device. In either case, you'll never see a dime for your work.

Stick to these genuine sites that I will reveal to you if you want to get paid to read emails. They are owned and maintained by reputable market research firms known for giving a positive customer experience. You can also check out their reviews on Trustpilot.


Swagbucks is a well-known online rewards program that provides users with considerable cash-back when they shop through the company's web portal. Please keep in mind that you can only earn rewards for reading emails sent to your Swagbucks inbox. Because these communications are not sent to your primary email account, you must log in to take advantage of this option.

In addition, in order to be paid, you must usually do an action (like clicking a link).

Swagbucks is also ideal for regular online consumers because it offers some of the best cash-back offerings available online. The emails you're paid to read are frequently tied to cash-back offers, so frequent internet shoppers can save big here. All of these capabilities are available via the website or the mobile app. Other ways to make money on Swagbucks are by completing online surveys, conducting web searches, watching movies, playing games, and performing other activities.

When new users join Swagbucks and spend at least $25 through the cash-back portal within the first 30 days of membership, they will receive a $10 signup bonus. This is in addition to the referral bonus of $3 for you + $3 for your referral (when they earn 300 SBs in their first 30 days) Plus you get to earn 10% of their total Swagbucks earnings for life.

The minimum payout threshold on SwagBucks is 500SB points which can be converted to any gift card of your choice. 100SB equals $1, so 500SB points equal $5. You can also choose to cash out your Swagbucks rewards via Paypal. And there is no direct deposit option.


InboxDollars is a shopping platform and rewards site where members earn cash-back by shopping at thousands of online stores through the portal, doing surveys, and completing other simple tasks. Furthermore, it is one of the few websites that will pay you to open emails sent to your mailbox.

InboxDollars provides an easy-to-use mobile app that allows you to manage your account and take advantage of unique in-store deals while shopping in a physical location (rather than just shopping online). Users can earn money by watching movies, playing games, and signing up for free and paid product trials as well as completing other tasks.

New users are entitled to a $5 sign-up bonus when they first join InboxDollars, and existing users also get to earn $1 per referral + 30% of your referral's lifetime earnings. InboxDollars has a minimum withdrawal threshold of $30, and users can cash out via Paypal & gift cards. The direct deposit option isn’t available.


PaidToReadEmails is another legit site that pays you up to $3 for reading emails, and just like every other GPT site, there are other ways to earn money from this site. On PaidToReadEmails, you will be able to make money by reading emails, as the name implies. However, it is not as straightforward as you may believe. When earning money by reading emails, there are a few things to keep in mind.

There are two types of emails sent by the site: "Sponsored Emails and Paid Survey Reminders".

Paid emails are plainly what you can earn from, while the others are simply a reminder that you have surveys accessible to answer for extra incentives.

Let me now explain how their premium emails function. When you sign up for the site, you will be offered $2 worth of guaranteed sponsored emails (GPE). That is equivalent to 100 GPE for an email rate of $0.02.

What is the significance of this? Because you can only earn money from paid emails if your GPE is greater than zero. So, if you continue to read sponsored emails, your GPE will automatically decrease. You will not earn anything if it approaches zero. You'll need to reactivate your GPE.

You can do this by participating in the site's various earning options (cashback offers, referral program, taking surveys) or by earning points and redeeming them for GPE.

Earning money through sponsored emails is, in my opinion, a balancing act. Because you may change the rate you earn for each sponsored email you read, you can speed up or slow down the decline of your GPE.

The goal is to discover the right rate so that you can earn money from sponsored emails on a consistent basis. And in order to accomplish so, you must evaluate how to improve your GPE.

The minimum withdrawal threshold on PaidToReadEmails is $15. And you can cash out via Paypal or gift cards.

Final Thoughts On How To Get Paid To Read Emails.

Getting paid to read email can be an ideal way to earn a little extra money without putting in much time or effort, but it's not lucrative enough to support itself.

However, if you're already a lover of rewards sites and enjoy making money online by doing surveys, shopping online, and playing games, adding reading emails to your tasks will help you achieve those minimal cashout criteria faster.

Simply stick to the email sites stated above, and be realistic. You can also check out this post on how to earn free bitcoin by playing games on your smartphone for more ways to make money in your spare time.

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